Monday, 21 September 2015

About us

Jawside radio is a music blog with interests in Turntablism, mixing techniques, music production and commercial club music, but it isn't just limited to the technical stuff. Jawside aims to be a community, for those interested in the working aspects of being a DJ as well. We aim to post videos giving tips on working in a venue as opposed to playing at a house party for example. We also aim to have interviews with working DJ's in our city and explore how they got started, what they like and dislike about the job, what equipment they use how they work to the crowd, manage running a set, deal with the audience, venues, promoters etc.

We want to inspire bedrooom DJ's out there as well and show how you can get started even without much money. How to make a demo mix, develop your skills and what types of equipment you may want to invest in starting out.

We're far from experts and were not trying to be. Our blog wants your expertise and experience to help grow a community resource that can help everyone. That's why we will be taking guest posts from our readers that offer insight, or advice on working, starting out or even looking after your equipment.

Jawside will of course be catering to our ravers and club goers as well. Posting commercial club mixes every week by our resident DJ Bustovski. We will also try to host live shows once a month where you can email or text in your requests, and shout outs live on air.

So please stay with us on this journey, we will be bringing you new mixes every week from our dj's club set in bury. These will be commercial sets with the latest House, Hip hop, Rnb and Urban flavas. Plus new tutorials each week ranging from mixing techniques, scratching, beat juggling, making drops, editing audio, all the way to dos and don’t s when playing live, how to get to know your crowd, make a demo etc. And of course your own article submissions, mixes & tutorials will be needed as well.

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